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Validation of international suppliers

Import from international suppliers that undergo a strict sieve in terms of security and agility​

In partnership with companies in the foreign trade sector, we act as a linked importer and as a contracted importer, through a link with our client. In this condition, Embravision Commodities is the taxpayer responsible for registering the Import Declaration and must demonstrate in its accounting records the nature of the operation it is carrying out. After issuing the proof of importation by customs, the goods are transferred to our customers, the owners of the operation, who receive them with the proper tax documentation. The entire operation is carried out with professionalism, transparency and respect for Brazilian laws and international trade rules, ensuring simpler processes and bringing concrete benefits.

We have a physical and operational structure in China, with the function of meeting varied demands, such as supplier and product development, on-site production monitoring and the search for the best prices within the specifications sought by our customers.