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Import and Distribution of Commodities for Brazilian Industries.

The dynamics of the commodity market have made us specialists in finding solutions that meet the goals of each client.

What Embravision can provide for your industry​

Supply planning

Our team plans your commodity supply chain with safety and more efficient alternatives to reduce costs and reduce risks.

Global Solutions

Combine your operation with the techniques and operational trends used by players in the commodities market with the security management of those who invest daily in processes that aim to minimize the risk of international trade

Commitment to sustainability

Embravision understands the importance of socio-environmental issues and works for a more sustainable world. We are committed to sustainable sourcing and efficient manufacturing with high quality products that meet customer needs in an environmentally sound manner.

Extraction processes managed according to strict environmental standards.

Renewable products used in the composition of products.

Non-biodegradable plant-based polymers.


From the world to your company

Planning and execution for import and export

With an experienced and highly qualified team in the import and export market, a complete logistical, operational, financial and tax structure for large international operations, Embravision Commodities is ready to meet your demand.

Validation of international suppliers

We have a physical and operational structure in China, with the function of meeting varied demands, such as supplier and product development, on-site production monitoring and the search for the best prices within the specifications sought by our customers.