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About Us

Who are we?

Our focus is to be the extension of your business.

Since 2007, Embravision has been an ally of the Brazilian industry, working together with the commodity supply chain.

Managing the risks associated with operations involving the commodity market can be challenging. Our team is focused on delivering complete solutions and for that we base our strategy on business intelligence cores:

Foreign exchange strategy;
logistical planning
Continuity of supply;
Macroanalysis and Microanalysis of the commodity market.

The dynamics of the commodity market dictates the rules of important production chains, and therefore, we become specialists in finding solutions that meet the objectives of our customers, whether they are small, medium or large industries.


Como uma empresa sólida e em crescimento exponencial, a Embravision Commodities investe em suas certificações.

ISO 9001 certification​​

ISO 9001 certification helps organizations develop and improve their performance by demonstrating high levels of quality when offering their contract proposals. Thinking about bringing security and solidity to our customers, we obtained the ISO 9001 certification, which guides Embravision Commodities regarding quality in all internal processes, instructing us for a more efficient operation, focused on customer satisfaction, in addition to the optimization of processes.

OEKO-TEX certification

If a textile product has the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 label, then all components have certainly been tested for the presence of harmful substances that can cause damage to health. The international certification OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 attests to the customer's safety regarding the presence of harmful substances, bringing more confidence and greater security to the end customer.



Financial Solutions

Embravision Commodities enables partial or total financing of an operation, including the identification and structuring of the best financial alternatives, analyzing items such as exchange variation, payment terms and the ideal currency to carry out the operation.

Tax Planning

With strict monitoring of Brazilian and international legislation, we offer the most efficient alternative to reduce costs and eliminate risks.

Logistics Coordination

With vast experience in cost reduction and bringing agility to all stages of the process, Embravision Commodities identifies the best distribution operation for the customer and its partners, globally.


Vital for major players in the market, sustainability is an important pillar for Embravision Commodities. We are committed to sustainable sourcing and efficient manufacturing with high quality products that meet customer needs in an environmentally sound manner.

We aspire to exponential and global evolution, and sustainability will be a market differentiator that will sustain our continuous growth in volume and value: sales volume and value for the community, customers and partners.